Metro builds 2-3 self storage facilities annually on in-fill parcels located near densely populated retail areas.  Our award winning stores are designed to create an exceptional storage experience for our customers where they feel comfortable accessing a building that is safe, clean, well built and easy to navigate.  The design and construction of our newest 5th Generation Stores ensures that each facility is as “green” as possible.  The building has a low net energy footprint, with LED interior and exterior lighting, motion sensor light activation and roofs that allow for solar panels.

At Metro Self Storage, we are committed to being a good neighbor.  Benefits of our self-storage facilities include: very low daily traffic trips, limited impact on sanitary and water systems, a quiet, passive use that provides an excellent transitional buffer from one zoning classification to another.

Bob Heilman


Robert Heilman
Vice President of Development

A New Generation of Design Innovation

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