Ethics & Integrity


Since its inception, Metro has continued to build an organization with the highest standards to ensure and maintain an outstanding reputation in the industry. This passion and commitment to excellence is unwavering.

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity underlying all transactions and relationships, including those with employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and stakeholders as well as ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations. The highest standards of ethical business conduct are required of Metro employees in performance of their responsibilities. Employees will not engage in conduct or activity that may raise questions as to the company’s honesty, impartiality, or reputation.

Every employee has the responsibility to ask questions, seek guidance, report suspected violations, and express concerns regarding compliance with this policy. Metro maintains a program to communicate to employees its commitment to integrity and uncompromising values. The program informs employees of policies and procedures regarding ethical business conduct and assists them in resolving questions and in reporting suspected violations. Metro is committed to periodic training and review of these policies to ensure and maintain an ethical culture that is above reproach.

Metro Self Storage Ethics