Corporate Responsibility


One of our corporate values is to be a good corporate citizen; to conduct our business ethically, give back to the people and communities we operate within, and do so in an environmentally sensitive manner. Metro accomplishes this objective through focusing on employee ethics training, voluntarism, corporate donation, and investment in energy efficient technologies, all of which help improve the communities and customers who support our business.

Strong Environmental Stewardship

Metro continually strives to operate its stores in the most environmentally responsible manner. To us, this means lowering each property’s energy footprint through proven green technologies. We are systematically modernizing our portfolio’s HVAC systems and replacing inefficient units with Energy Star-rated equipment; coating our metal roofs with products that reflect ultra violet rays to reduce heat generation and thus lower air conditioning usage; and retrofitting our lighting systems with LED lamps or compact fluorescent bulbs. At many of our locations, these measures have successfully reduced energy usage by up to 30%.

Metro Self Storage Roof Before

Metro Self Storage Roof After