About Us


Metro Storage LLC, based in the Chicago area, is the 2nd largest privately-held self storage company in the United States, currently owning or operating over 135 properties, representing over 8.8 million rentable square feet. Metro Storage LLC is a vertically integrated, single-purpose company specializing in all disciplines related to self storage.

Metro is a pioneer in the self storage industry having developed the first self storage facility in Illinois in 1973. Metro is one of the most sophisticated operators in the country and has always been at the forefront of industry trends geared toward delivering optimal store performance.

Metro has partnered with numerous institutional funds, private equity groups, and private investors through the years and has a stellar track record of maximizing stakeholder returns.

"Metro Storage LLC is committed to maximizing profitability for its stakeholders and providing an exciting and rewarding environment for its employees, who create and deliver a first-class storage experience to their customers. Metro achieves these objectives by specializing in the business of property management, asset management, development, construction, acquisition, and disposition, of self storage facilities throughout the country." – Matthew M. Nagel, Chairman